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Sock Job is a screwball comedy about masturbation, directed by Mark Allen and starring Matthew Camp.
"On a dark and stormy night in a secluded cabin in the woods, a young man faces challenges while trying to relieve his boredom."
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NEW PRESS! ===> Big Gay Picture Show, World of Wonder, DanNation.

NEW! ===> Highlights from the first half of Sock Job on side by side screens, an homage to Brian De Palma, or Paul Morrissey's Chelsea Girls,
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11/15/15 NEW! ===> Stills from our recent November 2015 shoot:

NEW! ===> Check out new images from the film compared to their original storyboards.

Here's stills from our August 2015 shoot:

Here's stills from our May 2015 shoot:

Stills from our September 2014 shoot:

SOME PRESS ==> World of WonderGayPornBlog (NSFW)Kenneth in the 212,
Boy Culturea cause des Garcons

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Here are some brand new poster/DVD cover mock-ups:

New video (test footage) from 4/1/14 ==> test footage 4test footage 2test footage 1

Sock Job: a screwball comedy about masturbation. Directed by Mark Allen, starring Matthew Camp, coming 2015.

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